About Us

Photo credit: Jane J Gaspar, 2014

Art Pow Wow was established in 2015 by Natalia Yovane and Cathleen P. Cueto II in response to a mutual discontent with the noisy social networks and unfiltered e-commerce art sites that dominate the industry. Art Pow Wow provides a receptive community where artists can easily connect with collectors and other artists from all over the world. Collectors on Art Pow Wow can purchase original artwork directly from emerging and established artists working in every media, at all price points.

Natalia and Cathleen both attended School of Visual Arts MFA Fine Arts program; Natalia coming from a fine arts background and Cathleen having previously studied journalism. A seemingly unlucky circumstance brought them together as they were the last two picked for the MFA studio lottery. They wearily went looking for what they assumed were the worst spaces left only to find themselves as neighbors for the following two years, fast friends, and future business partners. After graduation they shared a studio in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, but they were missing the creative input and supportive environment that once embraced them at school. They began meeting at Cathleen’s apartment to discuss what they wanted and needed to thrive as artists, and how they and their peers could once again share a constructive space. Eventually, these ideas would form the framework of what is now Art Pow Wow.

Art Pow Wow is a social network and e-commerce website where selected artists can connect with their creative community, trade their artwork with other artists, and sell their work to collectors. It was created for artists by artists. Artist, curator, or art collector—your art is here.