Rainforest Foundation and Art Pow Wow

Two percent of Art Pow Wow's online art sales will be donated to the Rainforest Foundation US, a non-profit organization that partners with indigenous communities to save the rainforests. Art Pow Wow was founded on the principles of promoting self-sufficiency in artists and sustainability of the environment.


About the Rainforest Foundation

The Rainforest Foundation was founded with a radically new idea: Indigenous people of the rainforest—those intimately connected to their ancestral lands—should have the legal right to protect the forests we all depend on. When the charity was established in 1989, environmental organizations did not focus on human rights. In fact, people were frequently seen as part of the problem. Today satellite technology proves that forests under Indigenous control are healthy, vibrant forests.


The Rainforest Foundation works in partnership with Indigenous communities using the latest technology to secure rights to their lands, influence laws and policies to protect their resources, and build strong and sustainable community leadership. By protecting our forests we not only ensure that the beauty and diversity of the rainforests remain for future generations, but we also safeguard our climate and protect our planet.


Rainforest Foundation